September 04, 2022

Combo Qazam: Live in Central Europe 2022 Tour Documentary

Dutch post-punk/math band Combo Qazam were on tour in Central Europe in May. They have made a mini-documentary about their shows travels and shehanigans. It was stitched together and edited by band member Stefan Breuer.

Live dates:
  • 09/30 Koffie Leute Party, Stadstuin, Utrecht
  • 11/17 Plato, Groningen (instore)
  • 11/17 Simplon Up, Groningen
  • 11/19 Cafe de Bel, Rotterdam (w/ The Lovebombers)
  • 11/26 De Schuit, Katwijk aan Zee (w/ The Guru Guru)
  • 12/23 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam


HCTF review of Flight Music.

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