May 27, 2020

Hypergear: What Are We Going to Do with These? (Suffering: A Guide for Empathy)

Italian alternative electronic rock trio Hypergear is now a solo act. Singer and guitarist Sascha Giordano cites differences in "priorities" as the main reason in a vlog. The departure of his band mates did not slow him down that much and the 3-track EP What Are We Going to Do with These? (Suffering: A Guide for Empathy) is the last stop before the release of a full album.

May 26, 2020

Peter Gabriel: Rated PG reissue

The Peter Gabriel album Rated PG was released as a limited-edition picture-disc LP for Record Store Day in 2019. The album collects songs he wrote for soundtracks. It quickly sold out, but it will become available again in June:

On 12 June, we will finally release the CD and black vinyl edition of Rated PG.

We know many of you have been wondering where this release has been, but much like the ‘Book of Love’ the reasons for the delay are long and boring. Suffice to say, we’re sorry for the wait.

HCTF interview: It's Karma It's Cool

English upbeat power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool recently released their first full-length, Woke Up In Hollywood. Lead singer James Styring kindly answered some questions via email about the recording sessions.

The listening experience of an album is quite different from an EP. Did you spend much time on the sequencing?

"Yes, I think it's important to keep the interest throughout an album. It's a journey and you have to pace it right. You can detract from some great songs if the sequencing is wrong. I always try a few alternatives, before deciding on the final running order. I think it's similar to putting a set list together for a show, you need to grab an audience's attention from the start and keep them with you till the end."

May 25, 2020

Mihail Doman: Rebirth III

Romanian composer Mihail Doman has shared another part of Rebirth album, an assemblage of tracks inspired by the current turmoil, captured in a mix of electronics and modern classical music. He releases them as separate tracks and sharing them for free to those who sign up for his newsletter. Rebirth III slowly builds up to a subdued crescendo, a foreboding of what he has in store for the next one.


HCTF review of Rebirth III

Black Sugar Transmission: "This Is Crazy Town" video

Watch the new Black Sugar Transmission video for This Is Crazy Town, a track from the forthcoming The Flowering album. Andee Black captured the Zeitgeist of New York with his glam influenced electro-rock guitar skills on top of a stark rhythm.

The Flowerin will be released in the first week of June as the second part of a trilogy of albums. The CD version will be housed in a box, which will be shipped with part threei in the Fall. Pre-order via his website.