April 24, 2024

dust: Trust U See

photo: Nikola Jokanovic

Australian post-punk quintet dust are fighting a terrible headache on their new single Trust U See , singing about the classic mix of pain, ennui, anxiety and boredom that is part of growing up .What sets them apart in their niche is saxophonist Adam Ridgway who add likcs from both the Roxy Muisc and free jazz playbook, acting as an extra voice that is shouting at the heavens.

» dust-band.com

Donna Blue: "Summer Wine" on French TV

Watch Dutch retro-pop act Donna Blue perform the Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra classic Summer Wine live on French TV program Le Grand dimanche soir on April 14.

They are on the road, promoting their latest album Into the Realm of Love: "(...) carefully crafted love songs that could have been released in the mid-sixties when psychedelic rock took off. (...) At first it may seem that Into the Realm of Love offers more of the same, but by going in at the deep end, they have come up with so many gems that a listener may have missed a few the first time around. It is a slow burn that leaves no blisters, but plenty of food for thought instead."

April 23, 2024

Steven Wilson & Tim Bowness: The Album Years 1968 Part #2

English musicians and music geeks extraordinaire Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness have posted a new episode of their podcast The Album Years. They talk about 1968, discussing albums by The Incredible String Band, The Doors, The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, and a whole lot more. This is part #2 about this year.

The Who: Can You See The Real Me? on YouTube

The 2012 BBC documentary Can You See The Real Me? about Quadrophenia, the greatest album by The Who, has found its way to YouTube again. Pete Townshend is quite funny and to the point discussing the creation of the album, explaining the story of the Jimmy, the "hero" in the musical tale about the Mod culture in England ca 1964.

» thewho.com

Human Interest: Shapeshifting

English post-punk quartet Human Interest are tyring to get away from an undisclosed bad thing that has happened to them on their new single Shapeshifting by donning a disguise, which doesn't quite work. With a false ending they seem to give in, but they end on high note, confident that there is a way out of this mess. The video was made by Dougie Chalmers.