July 04, 2020

Holly Bowling: raising funds for new album "Seeking All That's Still Unsung"

Piano player Holly Bowling has launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover the costs of recording their new album Seeking All That's Still Unsung, an instrumental piano record of Grateful Dead music.

I've released several other solo records with the direct support of fans and the music community in the past and I love the freedom that's given me to make the records I want to make as an independent artist. My favorite part of the crowdfunding process is the personal connection it's given me to every person who helped me make the records. Crowdfunding allows this to be a team effort, with you guys directly involved in the release of this album, while also allowing you guys access to some unique perks! I'm excited to do it again.

Glyn Bailey: Testament

Glyn Bailey may reside in Spain right now, but his music sound undeniably English. His new album Testament is a carefully crafted piece of orchestral pop, with his lyrics telling stories where joy and despair are equal partners, plus a wicked sense of humour to top it off. Bailey's nuances are mirrored in the music. Saxophone, clarinet, piano, trumpet and organ supersede the classic guitar, baas and drums format.

Testament is all about gentle textures as he looks back on his life so far. He travelled, he loved, he mourned and all those things are captured in lush arrangements that will sit well with fans of Scott Walker, Rufus Wainwright and early Seventies David Bowie. Bailey is a captivating story teller, a poet in the guise of a seasoned rocker. Testament is a summation of his career until now, but it s by no means the final chapter.

July 03, 2020

Sabatta: Cops Watch Cop Shows Too

London rockers Sabatta have unleashed a fiery new single, Cops Watch Cop Shows Too. Singer and guitarist Yinka Oyewole has plenty of first-hand experience with police harassment and blatant racism. It started when he was 17 and it never stopped. The video features protest footage and bits from famous officers of the law who did not play by the rules.

Morgendust: Sundays

Sundays, the new single by Dutch Eighties inspired rockers Morgendust, is both an ode to Summer and an unnamed woman who made quite an impression. They are not afraid to channel Duran Duran, with passionate vocals and upfront percussion having a friendly row with the synths. They enlisted two backup singers, Judith Elders and Cindy Oudshoorn, to fill out the sound.

July 02, 2020

HCTF premiere - Special Moves: Our Summer

photo: Omari Spears

Joshua Hoey has been playing the long game with his band Special Moves for twenty odd years, churning out fuzzy, lo-fi garage rockers. He is the sole constant member who doesn't mind performing in basements and living rooms with an ever-shifting line-up. A new album, Little Help, will be released soon on cassette via Solidarity Club / Reflective Tapes and lead single Our Summer is a succinct statement by a man who is the embodiment of singular DIY.

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