April 17, 2021

The Wedding Present: Locked Down and Stripped Back

photo: Jessica McMillan

English indie pioneers The Wedding Present have been busy revisiting their back catalog, with new recordings of classic albums like Tommy and George Best. When live shows were cancelled they decided to go back tot basics for yet another trip down to memory lane to lay down the tracks for Locked Down and Stripped Back, with a few surprise tunes thrown in. Louise Wener sings on We Should Be Together, a "lost" track from her band Sleeper (it is now finally available on This Time Tomorrow.

In hindsight it has become patently clear that main man David Gedge wrote timeless songs back in the day. Legendary DJ John Peel went on record stating that "The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the rock'n'roll era – you may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong". Even people who have never heard of The Wedding Present will recognize My Favourite Dress and the new version doesn't disappoint. Long time fans will appreciate these revived songs. Songs like You're Just a Habit That I'm Trying to Break and Deer Caught in the Headlights are like great wine - they have aged well.

Jim Bower: Shut Up About Your Girlfriend

English musician Jim Bower found himself in a conversation with a mate who was raving about his new found love for far too long one night. Shut Up About Your Girlfriend is his way to let of steam. He doesn't go all out, but the anger is palpable, simmering under a blanket of piano and guitar. Bower's nasal delivery comes close to the solo output of Pete Townshend. It is the lead single from his new album Life Support, out on July 2nd via Subspace. He is planning to make a video for all ten tracks.

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April 16, 2021

Hadda Be: Wait In the Dark

English post-punk quartet Hadda Be have unveiled a video for their new single Wait In the Dark , a track from their forthcoming new album Another Life. Frantic fuzzy guitar, in-your-face speeding drums, the bass acting as a lifeline, and distorted vocals that sound as if they were recorded in a room next to the one the rest of the band was playing in. The clip was made by Chris Tomsett.

Remy van Kesteren: "April b/w Nowhere Left To Run" live 7" single for Record Store Day

Dutch harpist Remy van Kesteren will release a special 7" via Snowstar Records for Record Store Day (June 12). The single contains live versions of two tracks from his An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle album. April features the e ZO! Gospel Choir and Remy’s Analogue Robot Orchestra (ARO). B-side Nowhere Left To Run is also accompanied by his DIY ARO. Van Kesteren felt the need to for an extra percussive layer when performing, hence the use of the "orchestra" for beats and providing the loops.

» remyvankesteren.com

HCTF review of An alternative soundtrack to the motion picture The Red Turtle.

April 15, 2021

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: "Carnage" release in vinyl and CD on June 18

photo: Joel Ryan

Manufacturing delays for the vinyl and CD versions of Carnage, the new album Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. The release date has been pushed back to June 18.

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HCTF review of Carnage.