June 20, 2021

Morgendust: "Easy Way Out" video

Dutch Eighties inspired rockers Morgendust have made video for their new single Easy Way Out, a track inspired by the works of Norwegian writer Jan Kjaerstad: "a full-speed ahead song about moving on, even after a relationship has gone South. Life is short, they say, so the repeated line to 'Stop wasting time' is the way to go forward."

Words about music (591): Bruce Johnston

You know, The Beach Boys' image is kinda like a group Doris Day, you know what I mean?

Bruce Johnston

June 19, 2021

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: listen to "Talk Carnage"

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis discussed their new album Carnage, Yoko Ono and a lot more during a live webcast on June 18. It's now up on YouTube.

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Mike Dillon & Punkadelic: tour dates

Vibraphonist and percussionist Mike Dillon willl be on the road in the States with Punkadelic this Summer. He recorded a hughly political album with them, Shoot The Moon, as part of his Quarantine Trilogy: "With long-time collaborators Matt Chamberlain, Steven Bernstein, Nicholas Payton, Robbie Seahag Mangano, Jean-Paul Gaster and Nick Bockrath having his back Shoot The Moon is turned into dark and foreboding sonic trip. Avant-garde meets funky post-psych funk and rock. Dancing is allowed as well, but good luck trying to keep up with the album's closer, the Captain Beefheart-alike Open Up".

June 18, 2021

Stephen Chopek: "All Play No Work" video

Stephen Chopek has made a video for All Play No Work, the lead single from his upcoming Dweller EP, out on July 22nd via Declared Goods: "[It] is a 101 for funky guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. Chopek played all the instruments, but he sounds like a full band".