August 04, 2020

Donna Blue: "Inbetween" video

Dutch retro-pop band Donna Blue have made a video for Inbetween, the title track from their latest EP: "Sadness and loneliness have found their way into their music, but they have retained the lush arrangements and soft-spoken vocals. It makes the underlying message even more gripping. The mixed emotions reach a peak in the title track, captured in a mix of surf, country and doo-wop."

Lou Reed: New York deluxe edition

Lou Reed's New York, the part love letter part pamphlet concept album about the Big Apple, gets the deluxe treatment with a box set via Rhino Records, scheduled for release on September 25: 3 CD's, a cassette, a DVD and a halfspeed 2LP. The DVD contains the out-of-print show in Montreal, Canada at Théâtre Saint-Denis, recorded on August 13, 1989. Besides a remaster of the orginal album on CD the box contains diss with live recordings and a disc with demos and rough mixes.

August 03, 2020

Pocket Knife Army + LIJO: shows in Dordrecht and Gouda

Dutch avant-electro pop acts (and label mates) Pocket Knife Army and LIJO join forces again for shows @ Door in Dordrecht on August 7 and @ So What! in Gouda on November 6 (this is the new date for March 27 gig that got cancelled). Both acts love to take risks and are always looking for something out of the ordinary.

Waves of Dread: EP II

English indie trio Waves of Dread go for a dense mood on EP II, amalgam of neo-psychedelica, post-punk and shoegaze. amidst all the effects the acoustic Stars stands out, offering a glimpse into their writing process. It's not all dark, but it takes time to digest the actual meaning of the songs. By doing so they are a cut above the bands who look back to the Eighties as their main source of inspiration. Musically they are still searching for their signature sound, which lies within reach and could be in full bloom on the next album.

August 02, 2020

Wallish: Cry

Edmonton based singer-songwriter Amy Wallish has been to Hell and back. Her debut single Cry tells the tale of recovering for additcion and mental illness,. It is a battle that she is still fighting, but making music helps her cope and find her bearings. The song is a no holds barred raw statement, shifting from orchestral to pop and jazz. Beauty and hope are fighting with her demons and the jury is still out to decide which of those will get the upper hand in the end.