June 25, 2021

Almost Sex: Blue Heaven

Brooklyn based folk-pop duo Almost Sex latched onto a pulsating bass line for their new single Blue Heaven. Multi-instrumentalist Nick Louis and architect and singer HW LaSota then added a gentle swaying melody, making it a study in contrasts that has plenty of earworm potential.

Live dates:
  • 06/26 Brooklyn, NY @ FirstLive Coffee House
  • 07/07 New York, NY @ The Room at Bowery Electric
  • 08/06 Brooklyn, NY @ Misfit Kava Bar

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Real Sickies: Communication Breakdown

Punk is about being angry, disappointed, and trying to have fun anyway. Canadian sextet Real Sickies keep it simple, with just a few chords and very basic lyrics that can be remembered instantly. Nothing special, but it works. On a good night this is the kind of stuff that can create a mosh pit.

June 24, 2021

Iggy Pop: European tour dates

Iggy Pop will be bring the noise, and maybe some poetry, to Europe next year. The original "world's forgotten boy" will be 75 by then, but age is only a number. The French love and respect him - they made him a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2017, the highest cultural honour, and that might explain why there are 12 shows in France in his itinerary.

Live dates:
  • 05/02 Lyon, France @ Amphi 3000
  • 05/04 Clermont Ferrand, France @ Le Cooperative De Mai
  • 05/06 Bescanon, France @ Micropolis
  • 05/08 Paris, France @ Salle Pleyel
  • 05/10 Lille, France @ Zenith
  • 05/12 Rennes, France @ Le Liberte
  • 05/13 Nantes, France @ Cite Des Congres
  • 05/15 Toulouse, France @ Halle Aux Grains
  • 05/17 Marseille, France @ Le Cepac Silo
  • 05/19 Monaco, Monaco @ Grimaldi Forum
  • 05/21 Bordeux Opera, France @ National De Bordeux
  • 05/23 Strasbourg, France @ Palais Des Congres
  • 05/25 Reims, France @ Arena

James Leonard Hewitson: Waiting For A Call

English indie rocker James Leonard Hewitson messes with rhythms on his new single, Waiting For A Call, catching the listener on the wrong foot. It fits the subeject matter of the lyrics as a glove, following the mood swings that can happen when pacing around in the house and keeping an eye on the phone all of time. Art-rock infused New Wave that refuses to be tied down, despite the underlying hope that everything is fine and dandy.

Karl Blau: crowdfunding campaign for new album

Indie musician Karl Blau has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover the costs for his new album. He will be backed by the musicians who played on his Introducing album and had his back on stage: Eli Moore (bass, guitar), Steve Moore (keyboards, trombone) Jon Hyde (pedal steel, guitar), Aaron Otheim (synths, keyboards) and Andrew Dorset (drums).

I’m basically starting a pre-order here to raise the money to not only press vinyl and cassettes manufacturing but also to pay for the studio, the musicians and mastering as well as the accommodations and provisions for the band. Thrilled to say right off the bat that I have nearly the same band poised for this record as we had for Introducing, my most popular release to date. This is a pre-sale and I'll be printing only a small number of records and cassettes for this first pressing. This is gonna be a very special release, the vinyl will be colorful and the tapes will be golden or purple. Chances are the 2nd pressing of this record will not be done independently and not for a while later if at all.