December 04, 2020

Jack Poels: Straks

When Dutch folk singer Jack Poels contemplates the passing of time while walking throught in the night in his village on his new single Straks, sung in the Limburg dialect, the language of his native province. Getting older does not trouble him at all. He will be always able to surprise himself and his loved ones as a way to spice up everyday life.

Natalie Bouloudis: Coal

photo: Luke J Novak

English bluesy folk singer Natalie Bouloudis does some reverse engineering on her new single Coal, when she describes the end of a relationship that started out so great with both parties sporting eyes sparkling as diamonds. It did not last and it ended up being turned to coal and finally dust when the magic of the joint forces of two highly different personalities turned out to be an illusion after all. Her vocals soar in a blend of agony and anger, with Luke Waterfield contributing a stirring violin part. Recommended if you like Dusty Springfield in a foul mood.

December 03, 2020

Cover Me: Flappie

You can't make this shit up. Todd Rundgren translated and recorded Flappie, an off-kilter Dutch Christmas song written by Dutch comedian Youp van 't Hek. He stayed clode the original, although the arrangment feels a bit crowded. Spoiler: the rabbit dies.

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The Luxembourg Signal: "Mourning Moon" video

Dream pop band The Luxembourg Signal have made video for Mourning Moon, a track from their latest album The Long Now: "an exploration of jangling guitar pop and post-punk. Soul searching lyrics are plentiful, with a sense of loss and being adrift after being cut loose from their bearings".


HCTF review of The Long Now.

New Wolves: Influencer

Synth pop trio New Wolves channel utterly danceable Eighties New Wave on their new single Influencer, a song about super-being who loves the meddle with our thoughts, but is also considered as a source of amusement. They take it slow and the infectious main melody has ear-worm potential. The video was directed by Amier Firdaus.