February 25, 2021

Social Haul: Wet Eyes

Old school loud post-punk taking the piss. That is what Wet Eyes,, the debut single by English trio Social Haul is all about. Imagine walking into a pub and taking notes of the unhinged conservations. These will get even more incoherent when the amount of drink reaches a level that makes it is nigh impossible to keep a train of thought from derailing. Energetic stuff, with a bass line that stucks in one's head almost instantly.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: new album "Carnage" in May

After collaborating on soundtracks Nick Cave and Warren Ellis will release their first album ,Carnage, as a duo on May 28. The songs are slow and the lyrics are filled with biblical imagery, fear and loathing, a reasonable amount of violence, and of course the likelihood of a full-scale apocalypse. Piano, violin and synths dominate the music, with the occasional loud outburst to rip a shred in the fabric.

Carnage will be released on May 28 on CD and vinyl. Pre-order from his website. It is available for streaming now here.

» nickcave.com

André Salvador & the Von Kings: "Something Nice" video

André Salvador & the Von Kings, a Brooklyn-based psych-pop project led by multi-instrumentalist Tim Cheplick, have made an video for their single Something Nice, a track from their self-titled debut album: "(...) carefully assembled psych-pop songs. Orchestrated and bare bones acoustic segments are woven into a mesmerizing sonic tapestry".

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February 24, 2021

Can: live series kicks off with "Live in Stuttgart 1975"

There a lot of Can live bootlegs floating around and there has been chatter for an official series of live recordings for years. The long wait is (almost) over. On May 28th Live in Stuttgart 1975 will be released as 3LP and 2CD via Spoon Records and distributed via Mute. The German inventors were keen improvisers and during concerts by the Krautrock ensemble anything could happen. The remasters are overseen the band's keyboard player Irmin Schmidt and producer and engineer Rene Tinner.

Outta Here: One And One Is Two

Belgian guitarist and singer Fik Dries (Poppel, Believo!) goes out on his own with hi solo project Outta Here. One And One Is Two is a collection of lo-fi songs. He covers a lot of groung, from psych pop (Truth Is Near), fuzzy garage (Pod), shoegaze (Chill) and blues (Big Boss Man).

One And One Is Two has all the charm of a homemade album, plus the songwriting skills of a musician who can tell a tale within the space of a couple of minutes. It's a warts-and-all release - basically firing up the recording device and press "rec". It is as if he is playing right in front of the listener, feeling his way through the songs.