June 27, 2024

Icarus Phoenix: High Tide

Songwriter Drew Danburry went through a divorce, which left him devastated as he was being looked as a commodity whose value would be sole subject of his worth. He coped it with in the best way he could: turn into a song for his band Icarus Phoenix.

High Tide is both a plea and accusation, trying to make sense of the clusterfuck he found himself in: "You can't value what's misunderstood, such obstinate ignorance // You can't value what's misunderstood, such thoughtless callous judgment". The track is accompanied by a harrowing solo acoustic version. When that fails to move you, see a shrink asap.

Icarus Himself:
Drew Danburry: guitar, vocals
Eli Sims: drums
Leena Rhodes: guitar, vocals, synths
Brendan Russell: bass

High Tide is a track from their new album I Should Have Known the Things You Never Said, due for release on August 15th.

Live dates:
  • 07/07 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Baltimore
  • 09/19 Cleveland, OH @ No Class
  • 09/20 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Government Center
  • 09/21 Baltimore, MD @ The Watermelon Room
  • 09/22 Brooklyn, NYC @ Sleepwalk
  • 09/25 Cambridge, MA @ Lizard Lounge

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