December 10, 2010

The Foreign Films: Fire From Spark EP

Bill Majoros from Hamilton, ON, is The Foreign Films. A veteran guitar player, singer and composer, his latest project is a 4-track EP. Fire From Spark is a garage rock album wrapped in pop sensibilities. Plenty of room for stings and piano. An urge for the grandiose symphonics clashes with basic rock, which could have led to a major train wreck of a record. Majoros holds a firm reign on the proceedings. The music may be trying to wring itself from his grip, but he brings it home safely, dripping with sweat and tired beyond belief, but knowing that he has gotten the job done.

Majoros name might ring a bell with Feist, The Great Lake Swimmers, and Holy Fuck fans. He played with Julie Fader and Graham Walsh in the cult band Flux A.D. before they became big in the indie scene. The EP serves as a teaser for a full length that he is hoping to have out in the first half of 2011.

The Foreign Films: Fire From Spark EP

The Fire From Spark EP is a self-released album. Download it for free from his website.

  1. Fire From Spark
  2. City Of Bright Lights
  3. Imperfect Perfection
  4. A Message


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