June 27, 2024

I Believe In My Mess: Superstar

Amsterdam-based duo I Believe In My Mess are like kids in a candy store, stuffing their faces with every treat they can think of. Their new single Superstar is a quirky pop song on top of motorik rhythm track, spiced up with beeps and purs, snippets of spoken word, as if Captain Beefheart had an unhinged Krautrock phase before going off to explore indie dance and dub.

Geert de Groot (bass, guitars, synths) and Frank van Praag (rhythms, guitars, synths, vocals) have written their own "there are no rules" manual. There is a method in their madness, but dissecting it would be a serious buzz kill.

Superstar is a track from their forthcoming album We Can't Be Wrong, due for release via Excelsior Recordings on October 4 (limited Coke bottle green vinyl, ). It is available for preorder here.

» i-believe-in-my-mess.com

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