May 18, 2020

Combo Qazam: Flight Music

Dutch indie quartet Combo Qazam offer an adventurous mix of analog and digital on their debut album Flight Music. The band is the brainchild of four youngish veterans of the fertile greater Utrecht area. Ab Al-Tamimi, Gino Miniutti, Arno Breuer and Stefan Breuer have lost count, but claim to have 80 years of experience in 40 bands. They share an instant musical connection with the ability to switch tempo within the blink of an eye.

Pigeonholing their sound is next to impossible - try post-retro progressive Krautrock. They write songs about physics, predatory birds, the shallowness of social media, the godfather of Communism, and the sound of firearms. While they have cast their net far and wide really wide for the lyrics, the music itself is free-flowing, pushed forward by shifting, yet consistent, propulsive rhythms.

Combo Qazam have come out of the egg as a fully-feathered bird that can fly like a pro. Fingers crossed they will stay together long enough to record a second album.

Flight Music is released on Tiny Room Records (vinyl, digital). Release date: May 20. The album will be streamed in full during an Advance Listening Session on May 19 21:00-22:00 CET on YouTube.

  1. Ions
  2. Owls
  3. Movements
  4. Logorrhea
  5. Panama
  6. Waveforms
  7. Marx
  8. San Remi
  9. Gunshot
  10. Partial Sun


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