September 05, 2022

Phish 2022 Summer tour SBD + torrents: 2022/09/04 Commerce City, CO

Commerce City, CO 2022 poster by Johnny Dombrowski

Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, CO

Set 1:
  1. First Tube
  2. Bathtub Gin
  3. Undermind
  4. Drift While You're Sleeping
  5. Halley's Comet
  6. Everything's Right
  7. More
  8. Fluffhead
Set 2:
  1. Set Your Soul Free
  2. Fuego
  3. A Life Beyond The Dream
  4. Crosseyed and Painless
  5. David Bowie
  6. Loving Cup
  1. Divided Sky
  2. Icculus
  3. Character Zero

Notes from
Trey teased Mr. P.C. in David Bowie. Icculus was dedicated to "P. I." (Phish's stage manager Paul Ingwersen who was retiring that night). "P.I." was subsequently mentioned in Icculus. Trey referenced Icculus in Character Zero with "read the book!" quotes. The soundcheck's Jam was followed by In the Summertime and Right Place, Wrong Time quotes.

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