September 29, 2022

Sparks: "Live At The Record Plant '74" Black Friday release

A legendary Sparks performance will be released on vinyl on Black Friday (November 25). Live At The Record Plant '74 was recorded for KMET-FM’s ‘Saturday Night At The Concert Hour’ and part of the show was also broadcasted on TV on the Don Kirshner's Rock Concert program. The full show has been making the rounds on bootlegs for decades, so it nice to finally have an official release of this art rockers in full flight, riding high on the success of their Kimono My House album. 2500 copies worldwide.

Update: this release has been pushed back for a Record Store Day 2023 release on April 15. Supply, demand, yada yada.

  1. Hasta Manana Monsieur
  2. Something For The Girl With Everything
  3. Talent Is An Asset
  4. Thanks God It’s Not Christmas
  5. B.C.
  6. Here In Heaven
  7. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us
  8. Amateur Hour


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