September 28, 2022

The World of Dust: tour dates

Dutch musician Stefan Breuer is on the road with The World of Dust project, promoting his new album, Gaman: "[He] is a keen observer and a collector of sounds that he used to add depth and texture to the basic framework of his songs. The recording process can be described as peeling an onion in reverse, adding layer upon layer and giving his circle of musicians a free hand to become part of the equation. Superb slowcore that digs deep".

Live dates:
  • 09/29 Via Cultura (radio), Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • 10/06 Lagerhaus, Bremen, Germany (w/ Devin Heat)
  • 10/07 Umbaubar, Oldenburg, Germany (w/ Devin Heat)
  • 10/08 Schule 21, Bremen, Germany (w/ The Burning Hell)
  • 11/05 Plato (instore), Groningen, Netherlands
  • 11/05 Anders., Groningen, Netherlands (w/ Jaipur Junction)


HCTF review of Gaman.

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