October 19, 2022

Combo Qazam: Ghost Interior

Combo Qazam

Dutch post-punk/math-rock band Combo Qazam go for repetitive, Krautrock inspired songs on their second album, Ghost Interior. This less-is-more approach pays off in spades. By going to the core and shaving off most of the trimmings - sometimes by getting rid of a single chord - they create a hypnotic flow - especially in the instrumentals - that is a little claustrophic, but catchy. Painting yourself in a corner is considered to be a bad idea, but Ab Al-Tamimi, Gino Miniutti, Arno Breuer and Stefan Breuer are blessed with seemingly limitless ideas to work within self-imposed boundaries.

Ghost Interior is an album that needs to be heard in full, in order to fully appreciate the recurring themes and get sucked into their musical universe. They name bands like Wire and Can as major influences, but there are nods to Sonic Youth and the Residents too. Don't be surprised when the quirky Sci-Fi excursion Ships or the hectic Crisis turn up in a movie to augment the mess the main character has to deal during that particular scene.

Combo Qazam: Ghost Interior

Ghost Interior is released on Tiny Room Records (vinyl, digital). Release date: October 21.

  1. Crisis
  2. Contra
  3. Revision
  4. Drain
  5. Bird
  6. Heimerich
  7. Repeater
  8. Ships
  9. Hydra
  10. Raisin

Live dates:
  • 10/21 ACU, Utrecht (album release show)
  • 11/17 Plato, Groningen (instore)
  • 11/17 Simplon Up, Groningen
  • 11/19 Cafe de Bel, Rotterdam (w/ The Lovebombers)
  • 11/26 De Schuit, Katwijk aan Zee (w/ The Guru Guru)
  • 12/23 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

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  1. Really enjoyed this one. Like Kraftwerk, I guess. An unconventional approach that pays off well.