November 10, 2021

The Gun Club: "Sex, Murder, Bad Vibes, Drugs - Live at the Starwood 1981" Black Friday release

Yet another live album by American post-punk band The Gun Club will be released on LP on Black Friday (November 26). Sex, Murder, Bad Vibes, Drugs - Live at the Starwood 1981, a title to lure bored suburban kids of all ages, features the original line-up: Jeffrey Lee Pierce (guitar and vocals), Brian Tristan (lead guitar), Don Snowden (bass), and Brad Dunning (drums). It was recorded on January 2st in Los Angeles and it does not sound particularly good. Also: the second track of the set appears to be missing. 2000 copies worldwide.

1. Devil In The Woods 2. Bad Indian 3. Black Train 4. Jack On Fire 5. Promise Me 6. Preaching The Blues 7. Sex Beat 8. Ghost On The Highway 9. Goodbye Johnny 10. Sleeping In Blood City

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