November 10, 2021

Microplaza: "A Little Lighter / Notice" video

Dutch indie duo Microplaza have unveiled a video for A Little Lighter / Notice, the first two tracks from their new EP, Read The Room: "It is a concise mini-suite of songs - five of them - that take less than 10 minutes to digest. To get to the core however, it will require multiple spins to fully appreciate the textures, highly economical lyrics and all the sounds that they have sprinkled on top".

Read The Room is released via Tiny Room Records as a very limited edition 7″ (30 copies). Release date: November 12.

Live dates:
  • 11/13 U? @ Studio Patrick, Utrecht
  • 11/23 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam

» Microwolf on Facebook
» Arno Breuer on Facebook

HCTF review of Read The Room.

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