March 12, 2021

The World Of Dust: "The Hum" webcast

Dutch musician Stefan Breuer got a request from Utrecht's finest underground venue dB's to perform an online release show The Hum, the new live album by his one-man lo-fi project The World of Dust. He thought it was a bit weird to perform live versions form songs from a live album, but he agreed to do it, with his wife Annker on keyboards: "it will bring me some form of closure. I will play this same set of songs (more or less) one final time, accompanied by the visuals, and then I have to work on a new live set. Because I still (always) want to do something differently, Anneke will play keys during the show. It's sounds really cool! Hope to see you all on the interwebs, next week".

The webcast will be streamed on March 20 at 21:00 UTC+01. It is avialable via the dB's Facebook, dB's YouTube and Twitch and Instagram.

The Hum was released as a live album and film. The latter contains the visuals that were projected during the live shows.


HCTF review of The Hum.

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