March 27, 2021

Seattle Sounders FC: Jimi Hendrix away kit

Pro soccer team Seattle Sounders FC have unveiled a Jimi Hendrix inspired away kit. Yes, the main colour is purple. The club's owner Peter Tomozawa is thrilled:

We couldn’t be more excited and proud to finally introduce The Jimi Hendrix Kit to the world; a true intersection of sports, music and pop culture. Jimi’s legacy looms large, not just here in Seattle where he was born and raised, or for the Sounders, where his iconic rendition of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ has been a part of matchday tradition for years, but across the entire world. In his short life, Jimi gifted us with his talent, and, even more so, with his generous and loving spirit. We wanted this kit to embody that colorful, creative personality, while also using it as a way to further good, just as Jimi used his own platform.


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