March 27, 2021

Swansea Sound: Indies Of The World

Welsh indie power pop band Swansea Sound go against the grain with their new single Indies Of The World, a tribute to the 45rpm 7" single. They sound cheerful and angry simultaneously. Now that most people rely on streaming to listen to music there is an underground movement that is adamant to keep the physical format alive. And the best way to do is collaboration to keep the costs of distribution at a reasonable level, not to mention the shipping costs for the clientele. B-side Je Ne Sais Quoi is a nod to the upbeat Yé-yé style that was all the rage in Southern Europe in the sixties.

Swansea Sound:
Amelia Fletcher: vocals
Hue Williams: vocals
Rob Pursey: guitar, bass
Ian Button: drums

Indies Of The World is released on 7" vinyl via Skep Wax Records (UK/Europe - exclusively via record stores- please place your pre-order with them), HHBTM Records (USA) and Formosa Punk Records (Japan). A cassette single is available from their hometown based label Lavender Sweep Records. Don't look for these songs on the big time streaming services. They are not on it.

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