November 01, 2020

Lou Reed: "Live At Alice Tully Hall - January 27, 1973 - 2nd Show" Black Friday release

An early Lou Reed show comes to vinyl as a 2LP on Black Friday (November 27). The songs on Live At Alice Tully Hall - January 27, 1973 - 2nd Show has been making the rounds on bootlegs for years. Reed is backed by the Tots, a garage bar band who could not believe their luck that they got the call. Vinny Laporta (guitar), Eddie Reynolds (guitar, backing vocals), Bobby Resigno (bass) and Scottie Clark (drums) were left by the wayside soon after this when the tour to promote the Berlin album got underway.

Side A: “White Light/White Heat”, “Wagon Wheel”, “I’m Waiting For The Man”, “Walk And Talk It”, “Sweet Jane”
Side B: “New Age”, “Vicious”, “I Can’t Stand It”, “Satellite Of Love”
Side C: “Heroin”, “I’m So Free”, “Walk On The Wild Side”
Side D: “Rock And Roll,” “Sister Ray”

5000 copies on burgundy vinyl, with liner notes by Ed McCormack.


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