November 02, 2020

HCTF interview: It's Karma It's Cool

English upbeat power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool are working on the follow-up for their Woke Up In Hollywood album. Lead singer James Styring kindly answered some questions via email about the recording sessions and the belated release show in their hometown.

Woke Up in Hollywood was very well received when it came out in May, but you were not able to catch the momentum with a release show at the time due to the pandemic. The show finally went ahead in October. How was it to be able to play live again?

"Yes, our plans were put on hold, along with everyone else's. The album's official release should have been at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, as part of the International Pop Overthrow festival. We were obviously very disappointed, but we've put the time to good use, writing the next album. It was good to play our home city of Lincoln to a fully booked/sold out crowd. Even with covid rules and regulations, everyone had a great night."

You are working on a new album right now. Are you able to use a recording studio or are you sending files back and forth to put a song together?

"We've been able to use the recording studio up till now, but as the rules have just changed, we'll be on hold for a month. We're about halfway through drums, bass and guitar. We're very happy with how it's coming together and sounding."

Are you making changes to the style and sound of the music?

"We know who we are as a band more with this record, it's more focussed, but anyone who enjoyed 'Woke Up In Hollywood' (and the EP before that) should hopefully enjoy this one. We've written some of our strongest songs to date. As songwriters, you're always trying to push yourself and experiment a little. We didn't want to re-write 'Woke Up In Hollywood' We're genuinely excited for people to hear these new songs."

An airline pilot makes an appearance on the cover art of the self-titled debut EP and Woke Up in Hollywood. Will he return on the forthcoming album or is he grounded like many of his colleagues?

"Great question! He may be grounded this time round, but he'll certainly be with us in spirit. Life is a constant journey, nothing stays still for very long, he's a symbol of that, I guess."

The album will come out on CD via Kool Cat Music once again. Any plans to be part of the vinyl revival?

"Yes, aiming for a CD and download release for late spring/summer 2021. This all depends on the changing covid situation, of course. We would love to be able to release a record on vinyl, it's all about cost really. If this new album does well for us, maybe next time."

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