May 14, 2020

It's Karma It's Cool: Woke Up In Hollywood

English upbeat power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool are quick to release their first full-length Woke Up In Hollywood, the follow-up for the Hipsters and Aeroplanes EP. Preceded by the Wooden Buddha b/w Ghosts of Rome single they basically followed the same recipe, albeit at a more leisurely pace (Back In '78 and American Sushi). The band's signature word play looms large in Our Love Is An Amplifier and Bubblegum Monsters.

Power pop as a genre is about jangling guitars, playing catch with the vocals and James Styring nasal delivery serves as a counterpoint for the sunny side up sound of the 6 and 12-string guitars. Being English they could not resist to sneak in a bit of Ska and brass into New Age Eve, making it a hybrid of genres that is pretty damn catchy. Woke Up In Hollywood is slightly more polished than their debut EP, but the spontaneity is still there. And when they take it slow in Battle Of Burnt Out Bliss, they could even win over diehard Smiths fans. God knows they have been in dire need of something good to listen to.

It's Karma It's Cool:
James Styring: vocals
Mikey Barraclough: bass guitar, additional guitars,
Martyn Bewick: guitars, additional instrumentation
Danny Krash: drums, percussion
Lannie Flowers: guitar on 'The Girl Who Gave You Everything'
Rex BroomeL 12 string guitar on 'Healer's Leap'
Brian Barry: harmonica on 'Healer's Leap'

Woke Up In Hollywood is released via Kool Kat Musik. Release date: May 15.

  1. Our Love Is An Amplifier
  2. Bubblegum Monsters
  3. Back In '78
  4. Woke Up In Hollywood
  5. Wooden Buddha
  6. The Girl Who Gave You Everything
  7. American Sushi
  8. New Age Eve
  9. Healer's Leap
  10. Ghosts Of Rome
  11. Battle Of Burnt Out Bliss
  12. Sunflowers

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