September 26, 2019

It's Karma It's Cool: Hipsters and Aeroplanes

English upbeat power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool continues where The Popdogs and B-Leaguers left off. Singer James Styring was a member of both bands, and he brought along former B-Leaguer Mikey Barraclough to play bass and guitar. with the addition of two multi-instrumentalists - Martyn Bewic and Danny Krash - they set out to create a bunch of Technicolor songs, harking to back to the days when people believed that technology would lead humankind to a future where the sky was the limit.

Their debut EP Hipsters and Aeroplanes is a slice of optimism at a time that the UK is in the midst of an endless tug of war between leavers and remainers. They offer solace with gentle, upbeat songs like Raised By Engineers and United State Of No Regret. They name Big Star, REM and The La's as point of reference, but changes are that more than one band member has worn out his copy Television"s Marquee Moon to dissect the guitar parts.

It's Karma It's Cool:
James Styring: vocals
Mikey Barraclough: guitars, bass guitar
Martyn Bewick: guitars, additional instrumentation
Danny Krash: drums, percussion, additional instrumentation

Hipsters and Aeroplanes is released via Kool Kat Musik.

  1. Hipsters and Aeroplanes
  2. Raised By Engineers
  3. Daydream Days
  4. United State Of No Regret
  5. Summer Make Away
  6. Shannon's Waltz

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  1. Thanks for the review! Much appreciated....Ray from Kool Kat Musik