August 25, 2020

Anna Coogan: two shows @ Acoustic Alley in The Hague

photo: Ganesh Van Boggelen

Anna Coogan, singer and guitarist who serves up a mix of opera, indie rock, and sculpted guitar excursions, will play two shows @ Acoustic Alley in The Hague, The Netherlands on October 9th (19.30 and 21:30). Expect some Phil Ochs:

For years I've been thinking about this project for many years and I am finally starting it- working on performing the Phil Ochs record "Pleasures of the Harbor" in it's entirety. Luckily I've already got the two longest songs on the record in my repertoire, but there are still some tricky ones to go, but always such stunning lyrics. I'm working on it in 15-25 minute chunks as my current life allows, but I will be performing at least some of this project on October 9th at Acoustic Alley in Den Hague, Netherlands.


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