April 11, 2017

Anna Coogan: The Lonely Cry of Space and Time

Live @ De Peppel in Zeist, The Netherlands - photo: Ganesh Van Boggelen
BEST OF 2017

Can you be an opera singer or a rock singer? Anna Coogan is both, putting her classical training and vocal range to good use on her new album The Lonely Cry of Space and Time. She sings about science and outerspace, environmental issues, family and love. While most artists would fall flat on their face when they tried to cover that much ground Coogan never looses focus. She is a poet, a singer and an ace guitarist, alternating between Chris Isaac and Ry Cooder, rowdy garage rock, mainstream pop, vocal pyrotechnics, and intricate soundscapes. With fellow Ithaca, NY citizen Willie B on drums and bass moog, she put together an album that- for lack of a better description - could be labeled as cinematic pop.

She reaches for the sky in the title track, inspired by the recent discovery of gravitational waves, and Meteor, and comes down to earth for Burn for You, Collateral and Wedding Vow. Anna Coogan is a singer's singer, making it seem so easy and effortless. Whether you like Kate Bush or Margo Timmins (or both), they are no competition for this woman who earns a living working as a vocal coach and limnologist.

The Lonely Cry of Space and Time is a portfolio of her capabilities and it should be on the top of the to do list with of any record exec that is worth his salt, with a post-it marked "sign this musician asap and give her a shitload of money". Can somebody wake up the A&R folks at Deutsche Gramophon?

The Lonely Cry of Space and Time will be released in April 28 (CD, digital). Preorder from her website. The tracks are currently in the process of being re-mastered for the vinyl release.

  1. The Lonely Cry of Space and Time
  2. Collateral
  3. Burn for You
  4. Last Exit
  5. Sylvia
  6. Meteor
  7. Follow Me
  8. If You Were the Sun
  9. Wedding Vow
  10. Wishing Well
  11. By Morning

Live dates:

She is working on an European tour that should happen in October. One confirmed date so far: The Band Room in in the hamlet Low Mill, Farndale (UK) on October 21.

» annacoogan.com

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