April 21, 2020

Johnny Dowd: Super Secret Show - March 7, 2020

Watch Johnny Dowd perform a "super secret" show at a basement in Haverhill, MA on Saturday, March 7, 2020. He played with guitarist Mike Edmondson (guitar, keyboards), Kim Sherwood-Caso (vocals), and Willie B (drums, percusion) Johnny Dowd performed a legendary set at a secluded basement in Haverhill, MA on Saturday, March 7, 2020. Johnny was joined by guitarist Mike Edmondson, vocalist Kim Sherwood-Caso, and Willie B on drums. Filmed with steadycam (Jim Fazlone) and two iPhones (Chris Wilt and (Dove Morissette).

This was the weekend that the United States began seriously worrying about Covid-19. If the show was scheduled even a week later, it most certainly would have been cancelled. Apologies in advance for the low-budget camcorder audio and spotty iphone video angles. However, any fan of Johnny Dowd will appreciate this epic performance, the long-awaited band reunion, and the magic of this super secret show.

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