May 21, 2019

Jason Elliott & Colin Robinson: "The Calder Valley Suite" screening @ Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Film-maker Jason Elliott and avant-garde musician Colin Robinson (Jumble Hole Clough, Big Block 454, Churn Milk Joan) captured the beauty of Calder Valley for a short movie that will be shown as part of the 2019 Hebden Bridge Arts Festival:. It will be shown on June 29:

"The Calder Valley Suite" is a collaboration between film-maker, Jason Elliott, and multi-instrumentalist, Colin Robinson and is being premiered at the Hebden Bridge Picture House as part of the 2019 Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.

Each of the six short films focuses on a small element of the local area and has a duration of between 4 and 5 minutes making a total of 28 minutes when run consecutively.

The music and the imagery act in a complimentary way to each other, ensuring that the whole is greater than the two parts in each case, helping the viewer into a closer relationship with their surroundings.

Watch the trailer/ on Facebook.

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