June 14, 2010

Matt Stevens: Ghost

Matt Steven's Echo was a truly original album, so expectations fo the follow-up Ghost were high. The London guitarist once more expresses himself through layered instrumentals built on loops, but he has called in outside help. Stuart Marshall (The Fierce & The Dead) played drums, Kev Feazey (Polar Bear/Lydia Lunch) was in the producer's seat, and Stevens himself added a bit of bass.

His compositions have gained depth and texture, preserving the signature clarity of his tone. A nice surprise is the addition of the warm sound of the Mellotron on a couple of tracks. The sound of the vintage electro-mechanical, polyphonic keyboard fits like a comfy blanket around the percussion.

Stevens in an inner-circle player, a guitarist's guitarist, who sadly enough doesn't goes out much, due to back problems. Webcasts allows to play to an audience throught the Cafe Noodle (you can sign up here), who will appreciate his in-depth knowledge of the guitar combined with smart programming.

Matt Stevens: Ghost

Ghost is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website. The 10 Track Digipack Version Of Echo (limited edition of 100 copies) is yours for £5 GBP or more.

  1. Into The Sea
  2. Big Sky
  3. Eleven
  4. Draw
  5. Burnt Out Car
  6. Lake Man
  7. Glide
  8. 8.19
  9. Ghost
  10. Moondial

» mattstevensguitar.com

HCTF review of Echo.

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