June 15, 2010

JPT Scare Band: Acid Blues Is the White Man's Burden

JPT Scare Band
The JPT Scare Band in 1976

The JPT Scare Band started recording their stoner blues heavy proto metal in the Seventies, but it wouldn't until the 1994 that their debut album Acid Acetate Excursion would see the light of day. With the cat finally out-of-nag the band has raided their archives, came up with new stuff, and have released seven albums, turning the Kansas City trio into a cult-band 30 odd years after they started out. And they are still at it.

The latest addition is Acid Blues Is the White Man's Burden, seven lengthy psychedelic bluesy rock stompers (nine of the vinyl version) that come howling out of the speakers. This is Classic Rock from the Golden Age of that genre, which can holds its own against their famous niche sharers, such as Cream, Ten Years After, Rory Gallagher and the mighty Led Zeppelin. Singer Swope has the swagger and the chops, and the rhythm tandem of Jeff Littrel and Grigsby are solid and smooth. It just goes to show that it's never too late to be recognized as an interesting chapter in the Big Book of Rawk.

JPT Scare Band:
Paul Grigsby: bass
Jeff Littrell: drums
Terry Swope: guitar, vocals

JPT Scare Band: Acid Blues Is the White Man's Burden

Acid Blues Is the White Man's Burden is released on the specialty label Ripple Music out of San Ramon, CA. Release date: June 22

  1. Long Day
  2. Not My Fault
  3. Death Letter 2001
  4. Stone House Blues
  5. I've Been Waiting
  6. Acid Blues Is The White Man's Burden
  7. Amy's Blue Day
    Vinyl only:
  8. It's a Jungle
  9. All Lit Up

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