April 22, 2010

Matt Stevens: Echo

London composer Matt Stevens explores the depths of guitar playing, building his layered instrumentals with loops, drums and samplers. When you work like that, changes are that you add just a bit too much, losing focus and clarity in the process. Not so on his debut album Echo, a collection of well-balanced, adventurous tracks.

Stevens is like a kid in a musical candy store, grabbing things from the jazz, rock, folk and flamenco shelves. With a drum sound that is dry as a sweltering day in the Sahara, and caressing guitar licks, Echo comes crawling out of the speakers like a contented cat who raided the fridge. Recommended if you like Kaki King, Robert Fripp and Steve Hackett.

Matt Stevens: Echo

Echo is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website. The 10 Track Digipack Version Of Echo (limited edition 0f 60 copies) is yours for £5 GBP or more.

  1. Burning Bandstands
  2. Airships
  3. Drama In The Coals
  4. Flies In The Basement
  5. Snow Part 3
  6. Chasing The Sun
  7. Spencer Park
  8. West Green
  9. Jubilee
  10. Dolls House

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