April 22, 2010

Blur: Fool's Day

Blur - Fool's Day

It was caused quite a stir when Britpop band Blur announced that they would release a new single for Record Store Day. The 1000 copies sold out pretty fucking fast and are being sold on eBay for ridiculous prizes.

The band now offers it as a free download (MP3 - 320 kbps and uncompressed wav).

Blur’s manager Chris Morrison has said it is important that the song was made available to fans legally. "To avoid fans having to illegally obtain an inferior copy of this track from pirate sites – we have made it freely available through the band’s website".

It's basically a less inspired addition to their catalog, a B-side that has "fans only" written all over it. Never mind it's their first that the four members of Blur have recorded together since Battery In Your Leg from the album Think Tank (2003).

» blur.co.uk

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