January 01, 2009

Gov't Mule 2008 torrents: 2008/12/30

Gov't Mule

One more Mule show for you.

Gov't Mule
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY, USA

Disc 1 (Set 1):
  1. Blind Man In The Dark
  2. Lola Leave Your Light On
  3. Gameface
  4. Towering Fool
  5. She Said, She Said >
  6. Tomorrow Never Knows
Disc 2 (Set 1 Con't):
  1. Spanish Moon (w/ Marc Quinones and Ivan Neville)
  2. Into The Mystic (w/ Marc Quinones)
  3. Kind Of Bird (w/ Marc Quinones)
    Set 2
  4. Like Flies
  5. I Think You Know What I Mean >
  6. When The Levee Breaks
  7. I Think You Know What I Mean
  8. Time To Confess
Disc 3 (Set 2 Con't):
  1. Red Clay (dedicated to the memory of Freddie Hubbard w/ Jimmy Vivino, Jeff Young and Marc Quinones)
  2. Drums (w/ Marc Quinones)
  3. I'm A Ram
  4. Mule (Who Do You Love Tease)
  5. E: Come On Into My Kitchen Intro-> (w/ Jimmy Vivino and Jeff Young)
  6. 32/20 Blues (w/ Jimmy Vivino and Jeff Young)

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