January 02, 2009

Kurt Cobain: $ 100,000 for a smashed up guitar

Kurt Cobain

How much would you pay for a seriously damaged guitar? A 100,000 dollars ....

A smashed guitar that belonged to the late Kurt Cobain has sold for $100,000.

As reported by Yahoo Music, the smashed Fender Mustang -- which was used by Cobain on Nirvana’s first U.S. tour -- was purchased by an unidentified collector. The seller was a punk guitarist named Sluggo (a member of the band The Grannies and Hullabaloo), who traded Cobain a working guitar for the damaged instrument at a time when the Nirvana frontman was living hand-to-mouth. Cobain had smashed the guitar on-stage and was looking for a replacement to play at the group’s next gig.

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(Thru therockdose.com)

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