September 01, 2023

Microwolf: Changelings

Dutch musician Benjamin van Vliet recently became a father and that life changing event is all over his new Changelings by his Microwolf project. Rest assured: he is not singing about diapers or making coo-coo sounds. If anything Changelings is a showcase of lo-fi avant-folk with six meandering songs that give new meaning to a "free-flowing" approach. He reached out to fellow underground musicians, inviting them to pitch in with their own ideas and create a canvas of intricate sounds, licks, beeps and purrs.

There is bit of jazz in there, a whiff of atonal indie, Krautrock and Jim White-inspired Americana. Van Vliet is never in a hurry, staying calm in the midst of a bunch of musicians who are enjoying themselves immensely and exploring every weird idea that comes the mind. Anarchic and liberating, this is an album that is both challenging and captivating.

Floyd Atema: drums (1), mastering
Joachim Badenhorst: keyboard (1, 2, 5), vocals (3, 5), vibraphone (6)
Arno Breuer: drums, percussion (2, 3, 5, 6), bass guitar (3, 6), acoustic guitar (3, 4)
Romke Burger: saxophone (1, 4), flute (2)
Jarno van Es: organ, Juno, Moog (3), Rhodes, percussion, bells (4), piano, melodica (5)
Harold Konickx: backing vocals (1, 2)
Hansko Visser: electric guitar (3, 5, 6)

Microwolf: Changelings

Changelings is released via Tiny Room Records (limited 12" vinyl - 100 copies, digital). The LP comes with an exclusive bonus album on CD-R, Fogponics, which has alternative versions of all the songs.

  1. Theme From Changelings
  2. Life That Wills
  3. Papavers
  4. Burning Crops
  5. Odo'ital
  6. Ballad Of A Changelings

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