September 03, 2020

Microwolf: My Cauliflower Ears

Dutch musician Benjamin van Vliet is a collector of sounds and he uses plenty of them on his new album My Cauliflower Ears by his one-man project Microwolf. It's a genre-defying album, with elements of folk, Krautrock and avant-garde, all served up at a leisurely pace.

His vocals hover slightly his intricate musical tapestries, telling autobiographical stories in almost off-handed way. Van Vliet's mastery as a craftsman to stitch together his compositions comes to the fore even more with the instrumental version of the album. He used a different running order, although he choose not include the soft post-industrial pull of Sad Collector. My Cauliflower Ears is an intriguing piece of work that will appeal to fans of adventurous lo-fi and avant-garde. It gently buzzes and tunnels its way into the brain when using headphones, killing off any trace of lingering ear-worms in the process.

My Cauliflower Ears is released via Lost Tribe Sound (CD, digital) and as limited 10" EP (40 hand-numbered copies - remixed versions of the vocals version).

Tracks (vocals):
  1. Mara
  2. Emaho / Colour
  3. Sad Collector
  4. My Cauliflower Ears
  5. Ciao Mare!
  6. Under
  7. Must I Be Bound?

Tracks (instrumentals):
  1. Mara (Instrumental)
  2. Sad Collector (Instrumental)
  3. Under / Emaho (Instrumental)
  4. Must I Be Bound? (Instrumental)
  5. Ciao Mare! (Instrumental)
  6. My Cauliflower Ears (Instrumental)

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