September 01, 2023

Alberteen: new double A-side single "Dark Matter" b/w "The Day Is A Gift"

English rhythm & noir band Alberteen are not exactly prolific - busy jobs like running a circus or being professor teaching English Literature really puts a dent in band practice opportunities. Creating art is a thing that can be put on the backburner to evolve slowly and fired up properly when their agenda's allow it to buckle down and press "rec".

The new double A-side single Dark Matter b/w The Day Is A Gift. Both songs were part of a bunch of demos they made during the sessions in London for their Lowenva album in 2020. Like wine the tracks needed some time to come to fruition. Dark Matter brushes shoulders with shimmering post-punk and New Wave, with singer Phil Shaw channeling his inner Nick Cave and Ade Berry's percolating bass keeping it together. The short keyboards coda is a forewarning of what they have in store for The Day Is A Gift, a foray into Roxy Music's early art rock phase. These tracks are likely to be included on their fifth studio album that should be ready to go sometime next year.

Ade Berry: bass, guitar, keys
John Rose: guitar, vocals, keys, clarinet
Phil Shaw: vocals, saxophone, percussion
Gareth Warden: drums, percussion
Julia Knight: keys, flute, vocals


HCTF review of Lowenva.

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