July 02, 2023

SLIP~ons: Heavy Machinery EP

Vancouver based rock quartet SLIP~ons peddle a kind of high energy power pop infused loud music that would have made big in the late 70s. Imagine a hybrid of Cheap Trick and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Their Heavy Machinery EP is filled to the rafters with good time stuff - albeit with plenty of dark overtones in the lyrics - that will induce head banging and high fives when performed live. Stand-out tracks are the pummeling Mosquito (skip the "clean" version, no one needs pandering to the bigots) and the title track.

The four musicians have clocked tons of mileage in various bands in the Canadian rock scene. They have learned that the best way to keep enjoying themselves is doing with they like best: playing in-your-face rock music to shout at the heavens and having a whale of a time simultaneously.

Rob “Shockk” Matharu: guitar, background vocals
Brian Minato: bass, background vocals
Shane Wilson: drums
Brock Pytel: guitar, vocals

SLIP~ons: Heavy Machinery EP

Heavy Machinery is a self-released EP (vinyl, digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Heavy Machinery
  2. Soldier, Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Nothing Is Good Enough
  4. Mosquito [explicit]
  5. Mosquito [clean]
  6. Undivided

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