July 03, 2023

Peninsula: Anemoia

Four years in the making, Anemoia is the most daring composition that foursome Peninsula have come up with. It is a sprawling ambient meets post-rock excursion, nodding to Pink Floyd and Mike Oldfield. There is even a blink-and-you'll miss-it Jeff Wayne inspired guitar. They go through nine distinct yet seamlessly connected sections, thereby creating a soundtrack for an abstract, animated movie that needs to be made someday. If anything Anemoia is a celebration for crystal clear guitars playing catch, with keyboards, bass and percussion stepping into the limelights every once in a while.

With a sidelong running time of a little over 25 minutes, the band manages to grab the listener's undivided attention: headphones bliss that warrants many revisits in order to get immersed in the carefully balanced production, courtesy of Tom Blackford and all four band members. Fans of early Porcupine Tree will love it. Anemoia means cherishing false memories - "nostalgia for a time or a place one has never known". It is an apt name for a longform piece of music that pays tribute to a bygone era wherein musicians were willing able and able to stretch out and take riks at a leisurely pace.

David Boothby: electric guitar, guitar effects
James Blackford: electric guitar, bass
Tom Blackford: acoustic & electric guitars, bass, synths, keys
George Robertson: drums, percussion, radio effects

Anemoia is a self-released track. Buy it from their website.

» peninsulasoundtracks.bandcamp.com

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