July 20, 2023

Arthur Alexander: .​.​.​Steppin' Out!

No one has to tell singer and multi-instrumentalist Arthur Alexander how to write a catchy song. As a founder member of two legendary power pop bands - Sorrows and The Poppees in the late 70s, he brought ace melodies into the punk scene in New York. Fast forward a couple of decades and he is still rocking out. His solo album ...Steppin' Out! pays tribute to the sounds that he grew up with: synth pop ((She's A) Red Hot Lover), psych-tinted New Wave (Ashes), blues (Humming Blues In Four) and a bit of jazz and swing (Oh Lulu, Won't You Be My Girl).

Fans of Sorrows will appreciate his reworked version of It's Not Love Anymore from their Love Too Late album. The record company fucked up big time when they hired session players to "sweeten" the sound. It was not until 2021 that the band got it right with the release of Love Too Late... the real album. Alexander's solo version is stripped down to a blues rocker with a spot on harmonica part courtesy of Brian Connie. ...Steppin' Out! celebrates old school craftsmanship. Alexander is ageing well and changes are that is already writing the next one.

Arthur Alexander: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, orchestral scores
Luis Herrera: drums, percussion, vocals
Kevin Keller: guitar, vocals
Lee Blaske: trumpet (10)
Brian Connie: harmonica (2)
Robert Montheureux: oud (4)
Wojtek Pilichowski: bass (3, 9)
Mary Lou Simo: vocals (6, 11, 12)

Arthur Alexander: ...Steppin' Out!

...Steppin' Out! is released via Big Stir Records (vinyl, CD and digital). Release date: July 27.

  1. Woman
  2. It's Not Love Anymore #2
  3. (She's A) Red Hot Lover
  4. One Life (Is All You Got)
  5. Ashes
  6. Oh Lulu, Won't You Be My Girl
  7. Why Can't You Come
  8. I Miss You
  9. A Little Too Much
  10. Humming Blues In Four
  11. Silver Cloud
  12. Fly Away
  13. Flying Shadows

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