August 23, 2021

Sorrows: Love Too Late... the real album

There a lot of stories about bands who got fucked by their label and it happened in 1981 to NYC New Wave band Sorrows when their second album Love Too Late hit the shops. The label has replaced their parts, hiring a bunch of session players, who had succeeded in creating lifeless versions of their songs. Legal hassles ensued and the band broke up.

Fast forward to 2021 when original members Arthur Alexander (vocals, guitar), Joey Cola (vocals, guitar) and Ricky Street (vocals, bass), and new drummer Luis Herrera entered the studio to get it right this time. Love Too Late... the real album is not a nostalgic excursion, but a full-throttle power pop meets New Wave record with top shelf melodies.

Heartbreak and chasing dreams are the main themes, sometimes within the space of the same song. Love Too Late... the real album is basically a collection of A-side singles, with the twin guitars delivering quick one-two punches throughout. The album's sole cover, an expanded version of the Kinks' Tired Of Waiting For You, will get a thumbs up from even the staunchest fans of that band.

Love Too Late... the real album is released via Big Stir Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Christabelle
  2. Love Too Late
  3. Crying Time
  4. Rita
  5. Play This Song (On The Radio)
  6. So Much Love
  7. Breaking My Heart (Over You)
  8. Tired Of Waiting For You
  9. What I Used To Know
  10. It's Not Love Anymore
  11. Street Punk Blues

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