August 23, 2021

Clint Slate & Iona James: The Silent Sea

Clint Slate and Iona James became a duo in February after they met a songwriting contest. Their debut EP The Silent Sea, the first of a trilogy, is a throwback to the radio friendly side of seventies rock - Fleetwood Mac comes to mind - and eighties dream pop.

Their vocals take center stage, but it is not all about laying down luscious melodies. Musically they take changes, inserting folkish and ambient tidbits. Stand-out track The Ticking Tide is a 101 for call-and-reponse, wrapped in an intricate arrangment of keyboards and electronics.

The Silent Sea is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website. The second EP, The Doubter’s Dance, will be released on October 1st.

  1. No Way Out
  2. Believe
  3. Tell Me Now
  4. The Ticking Tide

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