May 22, 2023

HCTF premiere - Geiger von Müller: Slide Sonatas II.

London based acoustic slide guitarist Geiger von Müller takes the listener on a trip to outer space on his new album Slide Sonatas II.. He takes it slow, conjuring images of asteroids passing by as tumbleweeds in a Western movie. His blues-based instrumentals honour the less-is-more approach of a musician who is set on discovering limitless possibilities within the space of a couple of choice notes.

Von Müller is his own side-man, playing both lead and rhythm. Sci-fi meets roots music in tracks like Beta-1 Moon Base and the grumbling Another Revisit. Space Shuttle blasts off with a short burst of licks, and single notes, mimicking lift-off, before giving way to a bluesy melody with enough twang for a full country album. Wrapping up with the Muddy Waters inspired Mudslide, he proofs that the blues is alive and well on Earth and ready to travel far beyond its boundaries.

Slide Sonatas II. is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from his website. Digital is pay-what-you-want.

  1. Cosmic Cruiser
  2. Blue Moon Frequency #5
  3. Beta-1 Moon Base
  4. Another Revisit
  5. Toys in Ghettos (part 8.)
  6. Toys in Ghettos (part 9.)
  7. Interstellar Resorption #5
  8. Space Shuttle
  9. Radar Truck
  10. Rootfusion
  11. Origins #5
  12. Mudslide


HCTF review of Slide Sonatas I.

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