May 22, 2023

Sailor Honeymoon: Cockroach

photo: Kim Taeyoung 김태영

Korean punk trio Sailor Honeymoon hit the ground running with their debut single Cockroach, a tongue-in-cheek song about trying to get rid of an unwanted insect. Part indie rock, part spoken word inspired by Kim Deal and Kim Gordon, they barrel through two minutes of good-natured, fuzzy garage-tinted goodness. Photographer Abi Raymaker 장인화, techno DJ Zaeeun Shin 신재은 and singer/songwriter Jimin Kim 김지민) bonded over a love for raw yet melodic music.

It is the first release on the London/Seoul label Good Good 굿굿. The track is available via the usual digital outlets. The clip was made by Kim Taeyoung 김태영.

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