May 30, 2023

Dirty Nice: Shoes

Dirty Nice

English duo Dirty Nice bring a catchy mix of fun and weirdness on their Shoes EP. Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson write songs about everyday stuff (meeting people, falling in love, footwear), but always with a twist. Any band that starts a song with "I met you at that tapas place that does those fancy cocktails // They weren’t as good as last time I was savouring the flavour, savouring you" deserves to be heard.

Dirty Nice: Shoes

Jarvis Cocker meets loungey pop, wrapped in a comfortable blanket of cheesy yet endearing synths. Good comedy always has a bit of sadness in it and Dirty Nice have truly mastered that balancing act.

Shoes is released via Chiverin.

  1. Shoes
  2. Henriette
  3. This Is Gonna Hurt
  4. Sophie, What's Up


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