May 30, 2023

Les Lullies: Mauvaise Foi

photo: Angie Couple

French garage punk band Les Lullies barrel through ten high energy songs on their Mauvaise Foi album, covering boredom (Zéro Ambition) and the opposite sex (When You Walk In The Room), subjects that have kept searching for answers for years.

The Montpellier based quartet has honed their craft since 2016 and don't settle for the safe route, inserting smart hooks and twists and turns that will catch the pogo crowds at their concerts off guard and possibly in mid-air. Stand-out track Soirée Standard has a great bass intro followed by swirling guitars and stop-and-start vocals, channeling both The Clash and The Real Kids. Play loud and bask in the glow of the well-executed mayhem of nearly half an hour all-killer-no-filler goodness.

Les Lullies: Mauvaise Foi

Mauvaise Foi is released via Slovenly Recordings (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Mauvaise Foi
  2. Pas De Regrets
  3. Ce Que Je Veux
  4. Soirée Standard
  5. Ville Musée
  6. Zéro Ambition
  7. Dernier Soir
  8. When You Walk In The Room
  9. Station Service
  10. Animal

Live dates:
  • 06/07 Paris, France @ Point Éphémère
  • 06/09 Paris, France @ La Boule Noire


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