April 27, 2023

Dez Dare: Critical Mind Dump EP

Darren Smallman is quick to follow up the release of his Perseus War album with the short and intense Critical Mind Dump EP. Long time followers of his one-man trash punk band Dez Dare will be familiar with his energetic anxiety. Phase Transitions is a sonic blast that only needs 37 seconds to make a lasting impression and Uncanny Velocity only takes about twice as long.

CMD OK! and Weasel Breath are "proper" songs, but also bear his signature fuzz-heavy guitar and rumbling bass excursions. Smallman has carved his own niche in the UK guitar underground. He welcomes visitors, provided that they are willing and able to deal with his DIY attitude. It might get loud, but that is the gist of his special brand of off-kilter music that will strike a chord with fans of Pere Ubu.

Dez Dare: Critical Mind Dump EP

The Critical Mind Dump EP will be released on May 5 as 7" EP via French label Six Tonnes De Chair Records: yellow transparent w/ black marbled vinyl (50 numbered copies in a DIY laser engraved heavy weight cardboard sleeve), and limited opaque magenta or black vinyl (150 copies each).

  1. CMD OK!
  2. Uncanny Velocity
  3. Phase Transitions
  4. Weasel Breath

Live dates:
  • 05/13 The Shacklewell Arms, London
  • 05/15 The Louisiana, Bristol
  • 05/17 The Tin Music and Arts, Coventry
  • 05/18 The Loft, Portsmouth
  • 05/19 The Cavern, Exeter

» dezdare.com

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