March 16, 2023

Dez Dare: Perseus War

Darren Smallman once more took his inspiration from the ancient Greeks for the new release by his one-man band Dez Dare, naming his new album Perseus War. His special blend of trash garage punk is the perfect vessel for confronting his demons and pet peeves. He is autistic, adamant to set the record straight. Restlessness and anger compete for the place in the spotlights with a howling fuzz-heavy guitar and muffled vocals, sounding like he is shouting in a bucket at top volume in Bozo and Bloodbath-on-HI.

It is pretty intense, but there is also room for a bit of humour (I Know Why You Cry at Adam Sandler Films) and enjoying a day at the sea (BEACH!). His brain never stops working, which can be frustrating (STOP. STOP. STOP. TALKING.), but it can also be used to write a song wherein the simians are ruling the world (A Chimp, A Tricycle, New World Order).

Smallman is a man possessed at times, but lucky for him his music is an outlet to blow off steam. He questions pretty much everything that people are taking for granted, which is refreshing. Sanity is only skin deep after all.

Dez Dare: Perseus War

Perseus War is released via CH!MP Records.

  1. Bozo
  2. Perseus #1985
  3. Myopic Tropic
  4. Bloodbath-on-HI
  5. A Chimp, A Tricycle, New World Order
  6. I Know Why You Cry at Adam Sandler Films
  7. OUCH!
  8. My Heels + My Toes, My Lies + My Nose
  9. BEACH!

Live dates:
  • 05/13 The Shacklewell Arms, London
  • 05/17 The Tin Music and Arts, Coventry
  • 05/18 The Loft, Portsmouth
  • 05/19 The Cavern, Exeter


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