April 28, 2023

Winter At Sea: Lorelei

Winter At Sea is a kind of underground supergroup whose members share a love for drones, noise, ambient, and spoken word. Their debut EP Lorelei contains two lengthy explorations that dig deep: stumbling upon a morif and see how far it will go - and keep going after that. The title track moves at a glacier pace, speeding up every now and then, before settling into a slightly different groove. Uncross The Bridge starts out quite different, with a harsh, skewed rhythm kicking off the proceedings before going into slow moving prog metal.

As a first release Winter At Sea have managed to skip childhood and adolescence, and get straight to the vanguard of the thriving post-rock scene in the UK. Lorelei has collector's item written all over it. A photo and lyrics card is available via their website. A free cassette can be ordered via 3 Alveston Place.

Winter At Sea:
JJ Saddington (The Bridesmaid / ex-eaststrikewest): guitars, bass, violin, keys, mandolin, glockenspiel, omnichord, drums, programming
ruinerr: voice, photography
Joe Branton (Poly-Math): bass
Chris Garth (UpcDownC): guitar
Andy Selby (Monsters Build Mean Robots): drones, noise, programming, keys
Chris Chapman (Flies Are Spies From Hell): field recording, guitar

» winteratsea.com

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