May 09, 2022

mtf8: Visions


NYC Gothic rock act mtf8 is getting closer to the end of the tunnel on the new album, Visions. Moving slowly he has created slightly wavering soundscapes that come close to ambient to post-rock. The sound of the '80s synth-driven post-punk boom - most notably early Depeche Mode, the Sisters of Mercy and New Order - has always been a huge influence. Tragedy is a better source for writing memorable lyrics than happiness and asking questions -"Why am I talking to strangers?" (Burning Visions) without a "right" answer is far more interesting.

His vocals are more upfront on this release, as a sign of growing confidence, and the use of shifting rhythms and off-kilter beats make the listening experience more adventurous. Even when a relationship has gone South, he looks back on it with fond memories, stating that he mostly longs for the ritual dance of attraction and seduction (The Game).

Make no mistake: he still likes to hide in his shell, being afraid about the danger lurking in the shadows. The serial killer in Time Comes could be very real and not just a figment of his imagination. On Visions he is blinking at the sun after being in the dark for longer than he cares to remember. Playing with both and light shade is a different ball game, but he has a made it safe to first base.

mtf8: Visions

Visions is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. As I Wait...
  2. Burning Visions
  3. Pretend
  4. Lullalies
  5. The Game
  6. Time Comes
  7. The Fallen
  8. Last Words


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