May 08, 2022

I Am Snow Angel: Lost World

I Am Snow Angel
photo: Carl Timpone

Musician and sound designer Julie Kathryn is just outside the mainstream music parameters on Lost World, the new album by her I Am Snow Angel project. As a seasoned producer it would have made sense if she would have created this mix of ambient-tinged synth-pop on her own, but she reached out to producer Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields) and musician/composer JJ Appleton to have a listen and found that a true collaboration would help to get out of her comfort zone.

Loneliness and dealing with a bad breakup are the main themes on Lost World - the anxiety on the title track is almost palpable, but it also serves as a means of escape from the horrors outside. It is slow moving experimental pop song, with both harsh and gentle electronics, with her crystal clear vocals hovering on top.

She tries to find closure and this guy Tom will have to live with a song that does not exactly shows his best side. Kathryn's soul-searching is quite intense. She tries to make sense of it all, or maybe even learn something that might her help repeating the same mistakes. If anything adding a bit of colour to her life again (Bright Pink Skies) is a sign that she is getting the upper hand again.

I Am Snow Angel: Lost World

Lost World is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. You've Been Telling Lies
  2. Twisted Romance
  3. Lost World
  4. Tom
  5. Sweet as You
  6. Quiet and Bright
  7. Bright Pink Skies
  8. Kaleidoscope
  9. Lost World (David Sisko Remix)


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