May 14, 2022

Morgendust: 14

The members Dutch '80s inspired quintet Morgendust tackle songs that made a lasting impression when they were 14 years old. At that age the charts are still quite important, so all the covers were big hits back in the day and are now considered as classics. They did not go for a straight copies of the original. After all, it is next to impossible to sound like Lou Reed on Walk On The Wild Side or Kate Bush on her duet with Peter Gabriel on Don't Give Up, although guest singer Cindy Oudshoorn makes an admirable effort.

14 is not a nostalgia trip, but an inspired set of reimagined, "re-dis-covered" songs that sowed the seeds for a (side) career in music. Every band starts out playing other people's songs, before working up the nerve to write their own material. By adding a twist of their own sound Morgendust can add a few of these covers to their live set without any problem, acting as both crowd pleasers and a nod to their heroes.

Marco de Haan: lead vocals, guitars
Ron van Kruistum: guitars, vocals
Iwan Blokzijl: keyboards, vocals
Dario Pozderski: bass, vocals
Job Noordmans: drums, percussion

Morgendust: 14

14 is a digital only release. FFull stream on Spotify.

  1. Spirits In The Material World
  2. This Is Not America
  3. Alive And Kicking
  4. Don't Give Up
  5. Walk On The Wild Side
  6. Big Love
  7. Land Of Confusion
  8. Enjoy The Silence

They also have made a mini-documentaire (in Dutch - 14 minutes) about the making of the album.


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