April 05, 2022

Combo Qazam: on tour in Central Europe

Dutch post-punk/math band Combo Qazam will be on tour in Central Europe in May, playing shows in Germany, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia: "Pigeonholing their sound is next to impossible - try post-retro progressive Krautrock. They write songs about physics, predatory birds, the shallowness of social media, the godfather of Communism, and the sound of firearms. While they have cast their net far and wide really wide for the lyrics, the music itself is free-flowing, pushed forward by shifting, yet consistent, propulsive rhythms".

Live dates:
  • 03/24 Plantage Dok, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 04/03 De Werf, Hasselt, Belgium, w/ Tonsils)
  • 04/16 Moira, Utrecht, Netherlands (w/ Velveteen Rabbit)
  • 04/21 Patronaat, Haarlem , Netherlands (w/ HOP)
  • 05/06 Arcanoa, Berlin, Germany
  • 05/07 Hulajpole, Wroclaw, Poland
  • 05/08 Chmury, Warsaw, Poland
  • 05/10 Letní Kino, Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • 05/11 Klub Brno, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • 05/12 Koncerty na garážach, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 05/13 Bajkazyl, Brno, Czechia
  • 05/14 Kasárna Karlín, Prague, Czechia
  • 05/15 Kickerkeller, Erfurt, Germany
  • 07/06 Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands (w/ June of 44)
  • 11/26 De Schuit, Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands (w/ The Guru Guru)

» comboqazam.com

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