January 05, 2022

The Pinkerton Raid: raising funds for their new album "The Highway Moves the World"

Chicago roots rock band The Pinkerton Raid: are almost there with their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com to cover the costs for their fifth full-length The Highway Moves the World. They are aiming to raise $16,500 and are currently at $16,253. The stretch goal is $20,000, with extra money being used to create music videos. Jesse James DeConto, the band's songwriter:

The title is about my mother's sacrifice, how she drove up and down the East Coast for years, taking care of business in New Hampshire, her parents in Florida, her kids and grandkids in between, how because of her love for me and my children, my whole family ended up in North Carolina, all five of us siblings, and then our partners, and our own kids. Each song is inspired by these family relationships, sometimes quite literally, sometimes metaphorically and cinematically. The songs cover the range of human emotions, from agitated anger to nostalgic hope to hip-shaking celebration, opening space for you to feel what you need to feel.

Thus far, we've released six of the 12 songs as digital singles, including Au Cheval, about my brother Steven's generosity and his love of blackjack, bone-marrow appetizers and the greatest cheeseburger in the land at the eponymous bistro in Chicago.

» pinkertonraid.com

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