April 01, 2020

The Pinkerton Raid: Dream the Sun

North Carolina's finest roots band The Pinkerton Raid have gone through numerous lineup changes over the the years, but their stand-out storytelling capabilities always remained intact, thanks to the band's songwriter Jesse James DeConto. On the new single Dream the Sun he looks back at his sister Katie's troubles with starting her own businesses, a stressful period in her life with a happy ending. She got a tattoo of underneath a mountain range with the sun just before it rises to celebrate: "Dream quieter. Dream quieter. // Dream the sun before it rises. // Dream, the sun will rise".

The next studio album will focus on songs about family and when this first taste is an indication of what's in store, it could be even better than their previous one Where the Wildest Spirits Fly.

The Pinkerton Raid:
Jesse James DeConto: vocals, guitars
Scott McFarlane: drums, trumpet, vocals
Jon Depue: bass

Dream the Sun is a self-released single. Buy it from their website.

» pinkertonraid.com

HCTF review of Where the Wildest Spirits Fly.

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